A case might be made that all truly great breakfast foods involve dipping. There’s dipping doughnuts in coffee. There’s dipping churros in champurrado. There’s dipping biscuits in egg yolk. And, in China and its various annexes around the world, there’s dipping fresh you tiao (Chinese doughnuts) into hot soy milk. Where to find this sensational treat in the South Bay?

tiny taster recommends China Stix for good soy milk and you tiao. The rest of their dim sum menu is pretty good, too. A&J also serves soy milk and you tiao as part of their dim sum menu. However, both only do breakfast on weekends.

mikeop34 likes A&J, but for the largest selection of simple, hearty Chinese breakfasts foods, he suggests heading over to Chef Woo, which makes especially good dan bing (egg pancake). Also great sesame bun with beef, good fried buns, and one of the best beef noodle soups in the area, says atangca. Agrees Porthos, they’ve got the best Taiwanese breakfast foods in the South Bay. Again, breakfast weekends only.

Another excellent choice is Marina Supermarket, a Chinese grocery. They’ve got fan twan, soy milk with you tiao, and very delicious green scallion breads, all thick and tasty. Yet again, breakfast is weekends only.

L’Epi Dor Bakery offers you tiao and siao bing every day, though maybe not as great as Marina Supermarket. It’s good for a quick fix, says KK. You might want to call ahead and find out when they make the stuff, so you can get it fresh off the fryer.

wchane’s standard choices for Chinese breakfast are A&J Restaurant and 3.6.9., both in the same mall.

China Stix Restaurant [South Bay]
2110 El Camino Real, Santa Clara

A & J Restaurant [South Bay]
1698 Hostetter Rd. # D, San Jose

A & J Restaurant [South Bay]
10893 N. Wolfe Rd., Cupertino

Chef Woo Chinese Restaurant [South Bay]
6154 Bollinger Rd., San Jose

Marina Supermarket [South Bay]
Stevens Creek and De Anza Blvd.,Cupertino

L Epi D Or Bakery [South Bay]
19675 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino

3.6.9. [South Bay]
a.k.a. Do Re Mi Cafe
1698 Hostetter Rd., San Jose

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