Entranced by a vivid New York Times review of the veggie burger at the New York branches of chain restaurant Hillstone, digga asks: “Is the Boston version as good and as worth it?”

Yes, yes, yes, say the hounds. “I am a vegetarian and this is the best veggie burger I have ever had. It is worth the trip and the price,” avows David_A. The Times says the patty is a mix of beets, brown rice, and black beans, all leading to, as Klunco puts it, a “messy veggie burger with great crunch on the outside but a tender interior, great flavor, great toppings and a nice bun.”

Plus, says granolagurl, the service is on point, responding graciously when she asked for an alternative to fries: “not only did they not bat an eyelash, but they offered me 5 different choices (can’t remember them all, but things like roasted root vegetables in a balsamic reduction with Parmesan—yum!).”

Hillstone [Downtown]
60 State Street, Suite P, Boston

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