Seal meat is a surprisingly savory, totally non-fishy dark red meat, says carswell. “It strikes me as closer to game meat, a cross between, say, bison (in terms of flavor, though deeper) and caribou (in terms of texture, though firmer),” says carswell. “It’s very dark, very tender, and very delicious. If it were available in a butcher shop, I’d gladly prepare it at home.”

carswell experienced seal meat prepared at a fancy French-Canadian restaurant, but seal meat can easily go very, very wrong. Morganna received some frozen seal meat from a friend years ago. Boiled low and slow, it was extremely fatty with a tough texture and a strong, gamey odor and flavor. “I’m sure I used the wrong cooking method,” says Morganna. “It probably would have benefited from being accompanied by a very intensely flavored fruit sauce of some sort, to help relieve some of the gamey-ness.”

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