Cambinos Asian BBQ serves backyard barbecue, which is “the kind of grub common to all Asian family reunions when the charcoal grill is carted out,” says elmomonster. “One gets to enjoy the fruits of the fire without aunties telling you how much weight you’ve gained or asking you leading questions about your future.”

There is a wide variety of meat on offer: “All that clucks, moos, oinks, or swims, marinated with flavorful things and chargrilled to order,” says elmomonster. Some are sauced, some are skewered, all are served with good jasmine rice, on paper plates.

“The chicken skewer is burnished with a mahogany sheen and freckled with crunchy char, deeply flavorful and moist,” says elmomonster. “The beef skewer is tender enough to be torn by bare fingers, slightly sweet and perfumed with lemongrass. The beef short ribs is a kalbi doppelganger and explodes with lip-lickin’ fatty juces when bitten. A chicken thigh is chopped into strips, glazed in a hoisin-based sauce with a similar purpose as teriyaki.”

But, above all, are the spareribs. They are incredible, says elmomonster. “These defy comparison to anything that I’ve ever had before or since: a citrusy, tangy, garlicky, sauce-covered masterpiece that collapses from the bone in unctuous, sloppy mouthfuls.”

This place is born of a Cambodian husband and Filipino wife (hence the name), “but the food is wholly original, born out of experimentation and pluck,” says elmomonster. “If you asked the owner himself, he’d say it was ‘camping’ food since that’s where he honed his recipes.”

Cambinos Asian BBQ [South Bay]
5721 Lincoln Avenue, Suite F, Cypress

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