In response to a query on Bay Area Sardinian foods (particularly bottarga, cured fish roe known as “poor man’s caviar”), hounds suggest several purveyors.

According to an article linked by wolfe, The Pasta Shop in Oakland sells Ittica d’Or grated Sicilian bottarga, while Manicaretti in Oakland sells whole pieces of dried, pressed roe. wolfe also suggests La Ciccia, the Sardinian restaurant in San Francisco that is the subject of many positive reports; vulber says San Francisco’s Specchio does a weeklong bottarga-themed menu.

Far from San Francisco, the fishermen of North Carolina have a tradition of curing mullet roe too, says mikeh, who provided a link to this lovely blog post about North Carolina cured roe by a historian there. Anyone else notice that the historian is described as a “closet chowhound” in his bio? It’s time for a coming-out party; who’s bringing the homemade bottarga?

The Pasta Shop [East Bay]
In the Rockridge Market Hall, 5655 College Avenue, Oakland

Manicaretti [East Bay]
5332 College Avenue, Suite 200, Oakland

La Ciccia [Noe Valley]
291 30th Street, San Francisco

Specchio [Mission District]
2331 Mission Street, San Francisco

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