Congee, a.k.a. jook, the Asian rice porridge much loved as a cheap comfort food (and hangover cure) is making the move from Styrofoam bowls to upscale restaurants.

Spotted: in Philadelphia at Chef Jose Garces’ Cantonese/Peruvian hybrid restaurant Chifa with glazed veal cheeks, Chinese broccoli, and red chile; on the brunch menu at Seattle’s Dahlia Lounge (pictured) with grilled prawns, poached egg, and scallion; at San Francisco tea lounge Samovar with scallions, toasted garlic, peanuts, nori, cilantro, sriracha, and tamari soy sauce, and topped with grilled duck, braised tofu, or smoked salmon; and if you want to make it at home, Chowhounds have many great tips.

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Image source: Katie Okumura

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