Most people pass through a coffee shop quickly; they grab a latte and they’re out of there. Others linger. Funny or Die has a line on those lingerers with “Six Coffee Shop Regulars,” a tour through such personalities as the buff gay couple, the AA sponsor and sponsee, the hungover poet, and the moody screenwriter: “The moody screenwriter has been at the coffee shop for four hours. He wears glasses and works on a Mac. So do you though, so don’t be a dick about it. You can’t see what’s on his screen—do you think he’s working on his copy of Syd Field’s ‘Screenwriting Workshop’ or staring at the iTunes visualizer?”

In other coffee shop news, a topless coffee shop in Vassalboro, Maine went, um, tits up Wednesday morning as a fire burned it to the ground. Officials say the blaze was arson. Guess someone didn’t like the boob-view that came with the cappuccino at Grand View Coffee Shop. The owner didn’t have insurance, but says he may reopen in a mobile trailer on the same site.

Image source: flickr member dailylifeofmojo under Creative Commons

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