Lucky Noodle King is Sichuan awesomeness.

It doesn’t have a cold buffet like other Sichuan places; you’ll have to order stuff by name. Ma la ji—strange flavor chicken—is great. Don’t drink the sauce; this will kill you. This is sauce, not soup, says Jerome. The dan dan mian is excellent. There’s delicious seaweed salad, too. And the pao cai—homemade pickled cabbage—is pink, very sharp and vinegary, and refreshing in the same way kimchi is refreshing.

Water-boiled shui zhu fish was the best dish of the night, says Jerome. “The fish is delicate and yet strongly flavored given the sauce.” The dish is a nice balance of hot peppers, crunchy mustard greens, and crisp cabbage.

The menu is small but choice, and folks are supernice.

Lucky Noodle King [San Gabriel Valley]
534 E. Valley Boulevard #10, San Gabriel

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