They’re semiportable, they cradle syrup, they’re dynamite with fried chicken, and you can eat ’em for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Waffles have of late been embraced by young chefs, particularly those experimenting with mobile eateries and other nontraditional restaurants, a.k.a. nonstaurants. Spotted at: NYC food truck Wafels & Dinges, topped with everything from pulled pork to dulce de leche; the Waffle Window in Portland, Oregon, in pumpkin pie flavor; Berkeley, California’s Guerilla Cafe, in yam and buckwheat varieties; and with fried chicken at the new takeout lunch window Little Skillet in San Francisco. “Chicken and waffles is a traditional Southern dish,” says Little Skillet co-owner Deanna Sison, “and there wasn’t a place doing it in San Francisco.”

Make your own Buttermilk and Brown Butter Waffles, then try your hand at this easy fried chicken recipe, put it atop the waffles, and pour syrup over the entire thing.

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