Those of an irreverent spirit have been known to joke about the crucifixion of the Easter Bunny, or Jesus Christ skipping merrily through green meadows, distributing Easter eggs to children.

Those folks, however, rarely bring such seditious ideas to market, for fear of being booed out of the bazaar. That didn’t stop mainstream chocolate maker Russell Stover, however, from marketing a chocolate cross.

Tony Jones, a Web-savvy theologian, blogs about the chocolate cross with a firm awareness of the line between irreverent and “just plain wrong,” and he places Russell Stover’s choco-cross on the latter side of the divide.

He writes: “I get kitschy Jesus. I get the Buddy Christ. That’s because I get irony. But I’m pretty sure that neither Russell Stover nor Target get irony. I’m pretty sure that they’re selling a chocolate cross without any sense of irony.”

Definitely looks that way.

Image source: Russell Stover

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