It had to happen: Now that food trucks have their own fan clubs, TV shows, and sometimes nausea-inducing social media presences, the big boys are getting seriously involved.
Nation’s Restaurant News
runs down the trend of big chains launching their own mobile food presences, and reports on the new venture by Jack in the Box.

“Dubbed ‘Jack’s Munchie Mobile,’ the 34-foot-long catering truck is a first for Jack in the Box. The truck has the same equipment as a brick-and-mortar kitchen, including a grill, fryer, toaster, fountain beverage dispenser and prep area for burgers, sandwiches, and tacos. It also has a 47-inch digital menu board and satellite radio.”

In short: This ain’t your abuela’s taco truck.

Mobile-food infrastructure businessman Aaron Noveshen is also quoted as saying: “Six months ago I projected that 10 percent of the top 200 restaurant chains would have some mobile presence. Now I think that number will be higher.”

Once upon a time, it would have been both logical and amusing to suggest that “In Soviet Russia, McDonald’s drives through you!” Now that quip has become a haunting prophecy.

Image source: Jack’s Munchie Mobile’s Facebook page

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