Marcel Vigneron’s superhuman qualities include an insane imagination, fingers immune to boiling water, and gravity-defying hair. The lightning rod from Top Chef now has his own show on Syfy, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen. And Syfy and have partnered to bring you a chance to meet Mr. Molecular himself.

It’s Marcel’s TV Dinners Flyaway Sweepstakes! The details are all at; the gist is this: One winner and a guest get round-trip airfare to LA and hotel accommodations plus a dinner with Marcel Vigneron. The winner will also get a Quantum Kitchen cooking kit, an iPad, and a $25 iTunes gift card. And we made it extra easy: You can also text FLYAWAY to 79391 to enter the sweeps.

Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen debuts on Tuesday, March 22, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Syfy. Marcel and his team defy common food wisdom and transform tomatoes into foam, mozzarella into balloons, and much more. We’ll be airing sneak peeks throughout the series, like this mozzarella madness here.

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