The Chilean-style empanadas at Chile Lindo are “the closest thing to a real empanada chilena that I have had outside of Chile,” says lmnopm, who says an empanada de pino with some aji pebre pepper sauce is “pretty much as you would be eating in Chile,” only at three times the price.

They are available weekends only, and Melanie Wong spotted two types. The cheese-filled variety is “nothing special, filled with cheddar and what seemed like pepper jack cheese with a definite kick.” It goes for $4. The “hefty” empanada de pino is stuffed with “coarse ground beef, sautéed onions seasoned with paprika, cumin, salt and black pepper, raisins, a black olive, and a slice of hard-boiled egg. I liked the balance of sweet, savory, piquant heat, and salt.” It’ll set you back $5.

Chile Lindo [Mission]
2944 16th Street, San Francisco

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