There are a few tricks to ensure potato salad with creamy dressing has great texture and is as flavorful as possible, say hounds. You can use waxy white and red potatoes or starchy russets, depending on the potato texture you prefer. According to alwayscooking, starchy potatoes will absorb more dressing. Several hounds insist that, for best flavor and texture, you should cook the potatoes with their skins on, then peel them while hot. Be sure to cook them only until just done.

For the most flavorful potatoes, many agree that the trick is to toss the potatoes with vinegar while they are still warm (red wine, white wine, and cider vinegars are all popular). Allow the potatoes to cool before adding your other ingredients. Karl S recommends rinsing sliced white onions before grating or chopping them if you use them, to make them less harsh. And Kater notes that you should be generous with salt, as the salad will taste less salty once chilled.

In addition to vinegar and mayonnaise, hounds like to season their potato salad with chopped hard-boiled eggs, celery or onion salt, mustard, chopped dill pickles and a bit of pickle juice, capers, chopped parsley, fresh chives, and lemon zest.

As an alternative, DanaB shares an unfussy recipe she got from her stepmother: Ahead of time, chop a bunch of scallions and/or chives, mix with a couple of cups of mayonnaise, and refrigerate. Later, boil peeled waxy potatoes until tender, cool, and cube. Mix generously with the prepared mayo and season with salt and freshly cracked pepper. “While this recipe sounds deceptively simple,” she says, “the outcome is amazing.”

Siobhan likes this creamy potato salad, or try CHOW’s Potato Salad with Peas and Mint.

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