Brighton’s Esperia Grill just used to be a pizzeria, but it really found its feet when it started serving the Greek food cooked by the mother of the family that owns the restaurant. It’s “the best homestyle Greek food in the area,” according to lergnom

Hounds are particularly fond of the pork gyro (“spectacular, with caramelized, salty delicious pork goodness,” says iloveporkbelly), the spinach pie, and the rotisserie chicken (“lemony and herby,” says lergnom). Pastitsio (a baked meat-and-macaroni dish that’s kind of like the Greek version of ziti) and moussaka are both made with a homemade béchamel that’s “silken,” says lergnom.

Minor quibbles: the pizza isn’t so good, and the avgolemono soup strikes some as average. Service, particularly for takeout, is a bit slow: Call ahead if you can.

Esperia Grill [Brighton]
344 Washington Street, Boston

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