A few months ago, Michael Law became the new chef at the Front Porch. Some reports are in:

katielp issues a “serious uphill alert,” with a more intense focus on seasonal/local produce. katielp’s meal started with amuse-bouches of lightly pickled beet on soft goat cheese toasts and spicy ladyfingers of cornbread. Next were grilled oysters that were “juicy, sweet, fresh, simple with a little lemon over them” and an asparagus appetizer served with “a perfectly poached egg, crispy bits of bacon, and terrific thick, not curdling, hollandaise.” But “the best thing of all” was the catfish served over warm succotash salad, with two spicy sauces, “one more like a pesto, one a red pepper sauce on the side” and, “a very fluffy, creamy crab beignet, like a little sweet fishy doughnut.”

augustiner also gave it a go, and says that overall, “tasty food … it’s still super crowded and loud, but the service is friendly.” Oyster beignets were a favorite: crunchy and juicy, served on little bread puddings that “tasted like stuffing” and topped with slivers of tasso and sauce.

An annoyance: actual popcorn in the bucket with the fried chicken. It “stuck to the chicken … not much, but annoying to pry off.” More important was the chicken’s flavor: “Maybe better than before … well seasoned, maybe a bit too salty for some people, but not for me. The batter was crunchy, and seemed to have a bit of cornmeal mixed in.” The shrimp and grits has an “Asian feel” with a “strong hit of ginger” and shimeji mushrooms. Shrimp come peeled with heads on, “in that bacony, gingery sauce, still good when sucked on.”

Front Porch [Mission]
65 29th Street, San Francisco

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