jdwdeville is searching for the perfect seafood shack, New England style. You know, the sort of place that serves “alarmingly simple seafood preparations that taste best with hours-old seafood, preferably served outdoors, at big, old wooden picnic tables.”

Malibu Seafood is the closest to that New England paradigm that you’ll find out here, says Discokill. And JPomer agrees, hands down: “Served outdoors–check. Picnic tables–check. Seaside location – check.” There’s good New England clam chowder, too. And it’s BYOB.

Quality Seafood “will pluck the clams, mussels, crabs, oysters and lobsters right out of the salt water tanks and steam them for you,” says TomSwift.

Fisherman’s Outlet isn’t on the seaside—it’s on a depressing stretch of Central, right in downtown—but it serves excellent seafood, albeit a bit greasy and a bit expensive, says GK in SO. “Although it is not near the sea the ambiance is very much like a seaside shack,” says JeetJet. This is the absolute winner for “stripped down, good, fresh, simply prepared seafood,” says funkycold.

And California Fish Grill, another inland strip mall choice, serves a limited, but good, selection of simple seafoods, says Altadena Hound.

Malibu Seafood [Westside – Beaches]
25653 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Quality Seafood [South Bay]
130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach

Fisherman’s Outlet [Downtown]
529 S. Central Avenue, Los Angeles

California Fish Grill [South Bay]
1425 W. Artesia Boulevard #9, Gardena

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