On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, wew has bread on the brain. That’s when Emily’s Pork Store sells big round loaves fresh from the brick oven at Caruso, a fourth-generation wholesale baker a few blocks away. “It is one of the great breads of the country, the world, yes I like it,” wew declares.

The crust is thick and somewhere between chewy and crisp, with a distinctive flavor that “shows what heat and skill can do with wheat,” while the interior is yeasty and full-flavored, ideal for toast two or three days out of the oven, and “will give your teeth an aerobic workout.” Don’t bury it in spreads or accompaniments—this bread stands on its own. “For lovers of robust bread by itself or maybe with a touch of butter or olive oil,” wew says, “I have not found any better.”

Excellent bread and other provisions remain plentiful in Williamsburg’s hardy but endangered Italian quarter. Napoli Bakery is a longtime board favorite, especially for its pork-studded lard bread. Even better, jen kalb says, is its country-style white bread, in round or long loaves. dhs likes to buy Napoli’s bread dough, unbaked, and roll it out at home for pizza.

Savvy shoppers also recommend Savino’s for fresh pasta; Mario & Sons or the above-mentioned Emily’s for meats (Salsiccia Creature says try the broccoli rabe sausage at Emily’s); and Tedone, Anthony & Son, or the under-the-radar, mostly wholesale Pecoraro for fresh mozzarella.

And if you happen to hit Tedone on a Saturday, get that mozzarella in a sandwich with great roast beef that’s “worth traveling for,” promises Jack Barber.

Emily’s Pork Store [Williamsburg]
426 Graham Avenue (between Withers and Frost streets), Brooklyn

Napoli Bakery [Williamsburg]
616 Metropolitan Avenue (between Lorimer and Leonard streets), Brooklyn

Savino’s Quality Pasta [Williamsburg]
111 Conselyea Street (between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue), Brooklyn

Mario & Sons [Williamsburg]
662 Metropolitan Avenue (between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue), Brooklyn

Tedone Latticini [Williamsburg]
597 Metropolitan Avenue (between Lorimer and Leonard streets), Brooklyn

Anthony & Son [Williamsburg]
433 Graham Avenue (at Frost Street), Brooklyn

Pecoraro Dairy Products [Williamsburg]
287 Leonard Street (between Metropolitan Avenue and Devoe Street), Brooklyn

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