In Los Angeles, points out westsidegal, we have so many good Iranian places, you don’t talk about which is the best, you talk about which is the best for some particular dish.

Chowhounds agree that Shaherzad’s fresh-baked flatbread is the best. While there, try gheimeh bademjan (beef, lentil, eggplant), koobideh, and ghormeh sabzi (an herbal stew that’s known as the national dish of Iran), says J.L. And the lubia polo (think Persian biryani) is perfect.

“While I love Shaherzad (the bread the bread), every Iranian I know goes on and on about how much better Javan is,” says Jerome. J.L. agrees that Javan has the tiniest advantage over Shaherzad in the meat and koobideh departments.

For soups and salads, go to Attari Sandwich Shop, says westsidegal. But for a complete meal, go to Shamshiri Grill for baghali polo, dill and lima bean rice with lamb shank or lamb neck. The ghormeh sabzi is good, too.

Shaherzad [Westside – Inland]
1422 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Javan [Westside – Inland]
11500 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Attari Sandwich Shop [Westside – Inland]
1388 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Shamshiri Grill [Westside – Inland]
1712 Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles

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