Chowhounds are starting to turn against beloved classic Sichuan restaurant Chung King, finding favored dishes elsewhere.

New Chong Qing, for example, might just beat out Chung King in echoparkdirt‘s mind. New Chong Qing’s kung pao chicken is “fantastic, and much better than Chung King’s version, which is getting gloopier and more sugary by the week,” says echoparkdirt. Dan dan noodles, too, are “a light, delicate, completely wonderful take on the dish,” says echoparkdirt. “Chung King’s version of these are extremely mediocre.”

For fried chicken cubes, New Chong Qing can’t quite match Chung King’s occasionally transcendent version. But Chan’s Paris N, though not a Sichuan place, does an outstanding version. “It’s loaded with dried red chilis which you have to sort of pick around, but it’s seriously good,” says cant talk…eating. JThur01 prefers the chicken cubes at the Rowland Heights branch of Shu Feng.

Chung King [San Gabriel Valley]
1000 S. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

New Chong Qing [San Gabriel Valley]
120 N. San Gabriel Boulevard, San Gabriel

Chan’s Paris N [San Gabriel Valley]
713 W. Duarte Road, Arcadia

Shu Feng [San Gabriel Valley]
18459 Colima Road, Rowland Heights

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