The Creekside Smokehouse in El Granada is now selling smoked butters, says alfredck. “I tried two varieties. One was intensely smokey, and would be perfect to finish a sauce or a dish. The other was milder, and could be used more liberally. Both were unique and delicious.” Creekside also smokes cheeses, including Parmesan, which is “simple and terrific” grated over a plate of spaghetti with a piece of the smoked butter.

“The people who run the place are so kind and sweet, and you can usually take a look around their facilities if you ask nicely,” says Atomica. They will do custom smoking, says alfredck, and of course, they sell smoked fish. “Cold smoked salmon is their most popular product. A sample of their ‘rich jerky strips,’ made from boneless rib-meat that was brined and then cured with brown sugar, was decadently rich, and dripped with salmon oil.” They also offer halibut, albacore, sturgeon, and yellowfin tuna.

Creekside Smokehouse [South Bay]
280 Avenue Alhambra, El Granada

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