Nab likes to cook fish parts cut from the head, but cheeks, throats, and other parts are hard to find unless you have a relationship with a good fishmonger. itaunas nominates Courthouse Fish Market for the job, saying that it sells a lot of hake steaks and removes the heads before the weekend: “So 3ish on a Friday would be a good time.” You can buy them for around 99 cents a pound, although you used to be given them “for free if you bought other stuff.”

Jardinia, in search of soft shell crabs on another thread, gets the same advice: Go to Courthouse, where not only can you buy the crabs to cook at home, you can order them made up into a crab sandwich at the restaurant adjoining the market. Actually, according to Itaunas, anything in the fish market priced at $1 a pound or over can be fried, broiled, or steamed at the restaurant.

Courthouse Fish Market [Cambridge]
484 Cambridge St, Cambridge

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