pleasurepalate has discovered a cart in Echo Park which specializes in quesadillas made with blue corn Oaxacan tortillas, and describes watching the tortilla-making process: “First, she would get a ball of blue corn masa that was in a plastic bag next to her. Then she’d pat it between her hands and than start patting it flat on the stove’s surface. I can’t even imagine how hot that surface was, but it didn’t seem to faze her. Afterward, she’d add a handful of mozzarella cheese and the filling of your choice and let it lay flat for a while before folding it in half.”

The pick of the fillings is huitlachoche (corn fungus) which is smoky, earthy, and pungent; or try the “veggie” quesadilla, made with squash blossoms, corn, and onion. But best of all, says pleasurepalate, is the chicharron: “Come on, it’s fried pork. What’s not to love?” The corn tortillas, pleasurepalate says, have “a nice medium-thick texture and there was a nuttiness to the masa.”

Quesadillas are $3 each, and they’re worth driving for, says pleasurepalate. For dessert, there’s often a churro truck that parks nearby. The quesadilla cart is there around noon, but is gone by five. The churro truck arrives between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Oaxacan quesadilla hand cart [Echo Park]
Echo Park Boulevard near Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles
No phone available

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