KFC wants you to try its new grilled chicken so badly that it’s giving it away free: All day today, KFC is giving each customer one free piece of grilled chicken. For its part, competing chain El Pollo Loco will gift customers with a free leg and thigh plus tortillas and salsa tomorrow.

So far, opinions are split on whether El Pollo Loco’s grilled chicken is better than KFC’s. But it sure doesn’t help KFC’s case that it has a) put up a website that encourages customers to upload videos of themselves dancing with KFC chicken, and b) enlisted Sandra Lee as a spokesperson.

As satiric blog Food Network Humor writes, “the people at KFC actually had the audacity to put her in a white CHEF’S JACKET. The woman is not a chef! Opening a can of salty mushroom soup and pouring it over raw chicken in a crock pot is NOT cooking. Embellishing the flavor of Cool Whip with extract does not make you a chef [any] more than drawing a house on a piece of paper makes you a carpenter.”

Here she is in the new KFC spot:

Hey Sandra, what tablescape goes with fast-food chicken?

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