Don’t let the sign fool you: Fish Market is not the place to buy seafood by the pound. It is instead a brand new sushi restaurant, and one so good that it convinced Vin Ordinaire to “delurk” after months of reading and post for the first time ever. Vin calls the space, most recently home to the Reef Cafe, “pretty,” with “clean lines with bright natural wood,” and food that was “fresh, clean, and simple,” a contrast to nearby Privus, where Vin says you will find “gigantic maki tortured into unnatural positions and adorned with bright swathes of sticky sauces and spicy mayo.”

Boiled edamame were tender-firm and well-salted; miso soup was rich, yet delicate. The real treat came next: a few pieces of pristine fish plus tuna rolls and the lovely dragon eye maki, which featured “thin slivers of fresh avocado and silky salmon spiraling inward on itself.” Throughout, the fish quality was excellent, and, Vin says, a good value; his party of three came out full and paid about $60 before tip, an amazing bargain considering how fresh the sushi was. GretchenS agrees, addding that “‘value’ and ‘sushi’ combined in a good way is indeed a rarity.”

Fish Market [Allston]
170 Brighton Avenue, Allston

Board Link: Fish Store

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