jmf2188 has a thing for granola and wants to know where the best breakfast mix is found in Boston. jmf, you’re in luck, because many local bakeries sell homemade granola.

Hounds recommend the pricey but delicious containers of cereal at Flour Bakery’s Fort Point and South End branches. Another option is the granola sold by Iggy’s at local farmers’ markets, once these are open for the season. But the best variety thus far uncovered on the boards will involve a bit of a drive for most Bostonians: Cottage Wellesley sells its own “decadent” granola, according to emilief, with “lots of pecans, cranberries etc. Hard not to eat the entire bag at once.”

Flour Bakery + Cafe [Fort Point]
12 Farnsworth Street, Boston

Flour Bakery + Cafe [South End]
1595 Washington Street, Boston

Iggy’s [Cambridge]
130 Fawcett Street, Cambridge

Cottage Wellesley [Wellesley]
190 Linden Street, Wellesley

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