Easy to overlook among the standard sandwiches at Elm’s Cafe are some of the best Tibetan-style dumplings in a neighborhood already rich in Himalayan chow, reports Jeffsayyes.

They come with chicken or vegetable fillings, five for $2. david sprague says the chicken ones are beautifully seasoned, with a shot of ginger, a touch of sweetness, and maybe a dash of clove—“easily the freshest tasting and lightest specimens in the area.” The vegetable ones boast a good variety of ingredients, cooked just right, he adds.

The dumplings are among a handful of inconspicuous Asian dishes on a predominantly American menu. Check out the flavorful chicken chili, served in a generous portion, for just $3, david advises. Jeff, among others, wishes the owners would think further outside the familiar deli box. “People,” he implores, “we have to encourage places like this not to pander to American tastes and offer their homestyle foods!”

Elm’s Cafe [Elmhurst]
74-32 Broadway (at 75th Street), Elmhurst, Queens

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