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CHOW Tour Oakland: From Laos to Ethiopia

Every time we asked someone in Oakland what makes the city a great place to live and eat in, the number one response was the diversity. It’s a place with nearly every cuisine you can think of, from soju bangs serving Korean drinking food to street-side champurrado vendors. With so much to choose from, we knew we needed a local guide. So we asked Chowhounds for help. We met up with resident Oakland expert daveena, who took us to a Raiders-themed Laotian restaurant (that also serves burgers and hot dogs!) on International Boulevard. Then we took Ruth Lafler’s suggestion and checked out Cafe Colucci for Ethiopian food.

Black and Silver Lao Food and Burgers
1927 International Boulevard, Oakland

Cafe Colucci
6427 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Editors’ note (Oct. 7, 2011): Unfortunately, Black and Silver is no longer open.