streetgourmetla’s favorite place in Los Angeles for Honduran is Antojitos Bibi. They make the best sopa de caracol—conch soup—in town. “The caracol is imported from Honduras where many places around town use canned caracol,” says streetgourmetla, who describes the coconut-rich broth at Bibi’s as tasting “of fresh ingredients and [having] a spectrum of aromatic sensations.” The caracol is served with yuca and green plantain.

Also try the baleadas—flour tortillas with filling—particularly the bean and cream variety; “very delicious and decadent,” says streetgourmetla.

Honduran enchiladas are basically like a tostada, lightly sauced, with lots of cabbage and cheese. Catrachitas are very similar, with a layer of ground beef at the bottom. “These were both a messy good time, the quintessential Honduran antojitos,” says streetgourmetla.

Antojitos Bibi [Downtown]
2400 W. Seventh Street, Suite 109, Los Angeles

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