Something’s up at Taqueria Geovani, which Flaco had written off years ago as nothing special. Under new ownership, it’s now turning out great homey Mexican food. Recent winners include hearty, spicy pozole, and caldo de olla, a chunky beef and vegetable soup in fiery red broth that comes with house-made tortillas.

Surveying the dining room, which is usually populated by workers from the nearby auto shops, Flaco has also spied tempting chiles rellenos, carne asada, chilaquiles, and braised oxtail in salsa verde—“this place deserves the love,” he declares.

Taqueria Geovani [Staten Island]
1285 Castleton Avenue (near Clove Road), Staten Island

Board Link: Taqueria Geovani, 1285 Castleton, SI

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