The Japanese cabbage pancake-esque specialty okonomiyaki (which basically translates as “fried what-you-like thing”) may be the next big deal, if the pages of this month’s Food Arts magazine are to be believed. The magazine is a glossy guide to industry trends, and okonomiyaki features in a full-page ad for the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. “BEEFlexible,” the ad advises, introducing okonomiyaki and suggesting you serve it with a “few slices of grilled Denver Steak, one of several new beef value cuts.” Combine the economic impact of cheap beef with the ethnic impact of a new specialty dish and, whammo, profit!

Good news for everyone involved: Okonomiyaki is insanely delicious and still all too rare even in America’s more sophisticated Japanese restaurants.

Image source: flickr member jetalone under Creative Commons

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