One of the best choices for Mexican food Westside is Pili’s Tacos. Go for the exotic meats, suggests Porthos. Cabeza is the star. “Wow,” says Porthos. “Just a rich mix of the fatty and flavorful parts around the head. Superb.” Porthos also recommends the lengua (tongue), moist al pastor, and tender carnitas.

The pozole is a home run, too: “Rich doesn’t describe how flavorful and good this soup was. It was chock full of pork meat, fat, and hominy,” says Porthos.

Tacos are mostly $1.50, except for goat, which is $1.60, and fish, which is $2.50. Hounds report there’s one person doing the cooking and serving in a tiny space, so if there’s a line it will take a while.

Pili’s Tacos [Westside – Beaches]
11924 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

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