Pili’s Tacos Has a Way With Head Cuts

One of the best choices for Mexican food Westside is Pili’s Tacos. Go for the exotic meats, suggests Porthos. Cabeza is the star. “Wow,” says Porthos. “Just a rich mix of the fatty and flavorful parts around the head. Superb.” Porthos also recommends the lengua (tongue), moist al pastor, and tender carnitas.

The pozole is a home run, too: “Rich doesn’t describe how flavorful and good this soup was. It was chock full of pork meat, fat, and hominy,” says Porthos.

Tacos are mostly $1.50, except for goat, which is $1.60, and fish, which is $2.50. Hounds report there’s one person doing the cooking and serving in a tiny space, so if there’s a line it will take a while.

Pili’s Tacos [Westside – Beaches]
11924 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

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