At the new, family-run Palmyra, vulber discovered delicious Syrian specialties. “Their kibbeh is the real thing—almost as good as my grandmother’s—as is the mujadara and the hummus.” The Mediterranean burger is basically kibbeh on a bun, and a great option for just $4.95. Monthly specials, including koosa, “an incredible stuffed squash dish that I’ve never seen offered at restaurants,” are coming soon.

Thomas Nash was disappointed by the cumin-y hummus, which wasn’t as wonderfully subtle as what he’d had in Syria; he prefers the version at the Jordanian-run Goood Frikin Chicken. Palmyra’s kibbeh, “(meat and pine nut stuffed fried mashed cracked wheat patties), were good, but the stuffing lacked any real spicing.” And the dry chicken shawarma is cooked on a gas-fired spit rather than over charcoal.

Palmyra offers Syrian breakfasts too, but beware the coffee, which boris_qd says is terrible. Everyone loves the desserts though; vulber says the almond one is delicious, and kunefe (shredded phyllo) looks very good.

Palmyra [Lower Haight]
700 Haight Street, San Francisco
No phone available

Discuss: Authentic Syrian Food (and delicious fusion food like kibbeh burgers!) at Palmyra in the Lower Haight

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