Fans of the now-closed Jac’s Asian Bistro have been eagerly awaiting the opening of its new incarnation, Mac’s Wok. Of Jac’s spaghetti with breaded pork cutlets, a Hong Kong coffee shop specialty, rworange once had this to say, “There are times you need to submit to hot, primal, cheesy bubbly goodness and enjoy every last bite.”

The new space is bigger and more comfortable than before, says abstractpoet, and the food—including pork cutlets over spaghetti and walnut prawns—is just as good.

Hong Kong–style rice plates are also delicious, says akitachow, a local who’s been several times already since the reopening. One version has a pork chop, two runny eggs, and beef stew meat (complete with plenty of connective tissue) all together. Or check out HK curry plates, a crazy fusion meal that comes with borscht, garlic bread, and milky tea or coffee. “They have a huge, 11-page menu, and it’s a fun place to go,” says akitachow.

Mac’s Wok [East Bay]
10558 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito

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