“Spring has sprung; first Speed’s dog,” says enhF94 poetically about Speed’s Hotdog Wagon, the legendary food cart whose dogs the Wall Street Journal called the best in America, and Chowhounds talk about the way pious Catholics talk about the True Cross.

Wedged into a triangular parking lot in a bleakly industrial section of the Roxbury neighborhood and offering only a couple of picnic tables in the way of ambiance, Speed’s is a draw solely for its signature dog, which owner Ezra “Speed” Anderson marinates in apple cider and brown sugar before grilling it over charcoal and sliding it into a toasted bun, with everything: raw onions, mustard, no-bean beef chili, and a pungent, housemade red sauce. It’s so delicious that at lunch a line forms, with diners waiting patiently as each dog is lovingly, individually grilled. And since Speed’s is only open when the weather is nice (i.e., spring, summer, and early fall), the craving for a dog tends to build up to fever pitch during winter.

Blumie just tried Speed’s for the first time. “I was nearly quivering with excitement as I crossed the street back to my car,” Blumie relates. “What a great piece of work! A delicious dog! As far as the toppings go, I could not taste the mustard or relish at all. The ‘special sauce’ struck me more as a bbq sauce than a ketchup, which is a good thing, since I hate ketchup on a hot dog.” The dog was a little big for Blumie, but others are happy to dig in.

“Then there’s always the sound one makes while eating a Speed’s dog … om om om om,” says Bob Dobalina. “Don’t forget the noms, mister dobalina,” reminds Prav.

Speed’s Hotdog Wagon [Newmarket Square]
54 Newmarket Square, Boston

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