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CHOW Tour Austin: Food Trailers Are King

Food trailers are everywhere in Austin. You can’t drive around without seeing them parked alone or in groups (pods) cooking and serving everything from doughnuts covered in Canadian bacon, hot pepper jelly, and cream cheese to vegan Frito pies. While the novelty foods were good (yes, the vegan Frito pie still delivered the punch of salt, goo, and corn chips a Frito pie should), we visited two trailers that we heard were serving really excellent food: La Boîte, a retrofitted shipping container turned coffee shop serving handmade croissants and French press coffee, and Odd Duck, where Chef Bryce Gilmore serves food like quail, venison, and duck eggs—things that don’t sound like you’d buy them out of an old orange trailer.

La Boîte
1700 S. Lamar Boulevard, Austin

Odd Duck
1219 S. Lamar Boulevard, Austin