I like to troll the Chowhound boards when I’m looking for something to write about for this blog. The Not About Food board is currently jammed with posts complaining or asking about about service quirks. To wit:

Is it rude when servers make comments on how much diners ate?
Should servers at ethnic restaurants be the same ethnicity as the food they’re serving?

Does it matter if servers are cute and/or clean?
How should you order drinks to keep a bartender happy?
Is it gross to touch money and then food?
Do you get uncomfortable when servers share personal details of their lives?
Should servers inform you if a function’s bar is no-host?

Looks to me like a lot of people went out over the weekend and had bad experiences!

By the way, if you want my (random, not particularly expert) opinions on the subjects, they’re: yes, no but I get why it’s weird, yes, who cares, yes, yes, and no but I sure would feel like a tool if I didn’t know beforehand.

Image source: Flickr member pasotraspaso under Creative Commons

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