Before watching this short film by New York Times writer Jenny 8. Lee, I thought fortune cookies were as ubiquitous in China as toy manufacturers. But not only is that false—it turns out General Tso didn’t even own chickens! Lee debunks many Western illusions about Chinese food in her book The Fortune Cookie Chronicles (spoiler: Panda Express isn’t in every mall over there), and in this film induces Chinese folks to try fortune cookies for the first time.

This film was also part of a short-film fest I run called the Disposable Film Festival and premiered at the ’09 event in San Francisco last month. I realize this is now a shameless plug, but if you like this film, you can watch the whole 2009 DFF program online here and possibly even win the robotic dinosaur PLEO!

Introducing Fortune Cookies to China from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

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