You know before you even step inside that Asmak Taama is all about the fish. On display in the window of this Egyptian restaurant and seafood market is the catch of the day, “stunningly fresh,” lambretta76 observes.

Trust the cook, who steered lambretta toward striped bass, coated in seasoned flour, dipped in seawater, then grilled. It came out perfect: moist and flaky, with an amazingly tasty char lambretta likens to burnt brisket ends at a barbecue house. Squeeze a lime over it if you like. Alongside the fish were rice, salad, and spicy pickled radishes. With an order of great, garlicky (if slightly watery) baba ghanoush, this fresh, filling meal for two cost just $20 before tip. “Brilliant,” declares lambretta.

Asmak Taama [Brooklyn]
413 Bay Ridge Avenue (near Fourth Avenue), Brooklyn

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