While filling up on my requisite Asian pear supply last weekend at the farmers’ market I noticed a pile of round, squat citrus fruit that looked like mandarin oranges in lemons’ clothing. “Sweet lemon,” said the vendor, noticing my inquisitive stare. “Meyer lemon?” I asked, not sure I understood him correctly, “No, sweet lemon,” he replied. He sliced a thin wedge and handed it to me. I don’t know if it’s a hybrid or what, but it was floral and juicy like freshly squeezed lemonade—sweet, with a sassy wink of acidity.

Chowhounds have called the fruit insipid and flavorless, but I disagree. I was so enthusiastic about my find that I immediately bought way more than my husband and I could possibly eat in a week. The fruit has the firm, tightly packed texture of a lemon, making it ideal for eating out of hand, but it would also work in any application where sweet citrus is called for: tossed in a salad, squeezed into cocktails, or cooked down with some rhubarb and spooned over ice cream.

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