Fie on those fancy roasting racks. You don’t need anything more than a baking pan or cast iron skillet to create a crisp-skinned, juicy roast chicken, say hounds.

Many like to roast chickens on beds of potatoes and vegetables, so the veggies soak up all the delicious drippings (here’s how, step by step). EdwardAdams likes this garlic and thyme roasted chicken with crispy drippings croutons (requires registration), which is roasted on stale bread.

Many simply oil and season the chicken and place it in a baking pan, ceramic casserole, or cast iron skillet and roast. Some start it breast-side down, others start at high heat, then turn the heat down. My own favorite, Marcella Hazan’s roasted chicken with lemons, is cooked without a rack; the moist meat and the pan juices have a wonderful subtle lemon flavor.

Board Link: Baked whole chicken without roasting rack

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