“You all should go to the Jolly Jug,” says HoundDogz. “The beef dip sandwich is the best.” The secret is the beef: It’s cooked New York Jewish brisket style but sliced ultrathin. The cut gives the beef a glorious texture and taste, says HoundDogz.

JeetJet agrees: “The thinly sliced beef allows for a texture and flavor sensation that sets the bar for beef sandwiches in the L.A. area.” Big chunks of beef go down too fast. “When your tongue has to work a little more to move the dense mouth full of moist tender thin sliced beef between chews, which exposes more meat surface to the taste buds, you have a better chance of tasting what is in your mouth,” says JeetJet. And it all comes on a perfectly toasted French roll.

Will Owen jumps at the chance to introduce people to this place. “So happy to see the current owners maintaining this treasure, and even improving it.”

The story of the place is this: In about 1947, a former New Yorker came to El Monte and opened the Jolly Jug. In 1994, she sold the restaurant to the current owners. The original owner was Jewish; the current owners are Chinese expatriates from Hong Kong who bought all the recipes and didn’t change a thing. It’s all original, and all good, says HoundDogz.

Also recommended: the Philly cheesesteak dip.

Jolly Jug [San Gabriel Valley]
4264 Peck Road, El Monte

Board Link: Jolly Jug El Monte

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