Indian food doesn’t have to be swimming in oil. You just need to know where to go and how to order, say Chowhounds.

BernalKC recommends Vik’s Chaat House for lunch and Dosa for dinner, but points out that the use of some fat is integral to the cuisine to cook the spices in the spice base. When cooking at home, adrienne156 adds some water to the spice mix to minimize the amount of oil necessary.

SteveG says Rotee in the Lower Haight is “pretty restrained with the oil” and rahir seconds that: “Their eggplant and okra dishes are incredible and very low on the oils.” Taste Buds is a good option in the South Bay, says mdg, with “lots of flavor but less oil.”

It helps to just ask for things to be cooked with less fat, says hmruthi, who suggests requesting that restaurants prepare your dishes with not as much oil and without heavy cream. “At home, Indian cooks, such as my mom, never use the cream and the food still turns out great.” For less greasy breads, order idlis, which are steamed, or ask for “dry” naan.

Vik’s Chaat House [East Bay]
724 Allston Way, Berkeley

Dosa [Mission]
995 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Rotee [Lower Haight]
400 Haight Street, San Francisco

Taste Buds [South Bay]
673 Grape Avenue, Sunnyvale

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