Chicken and waffles is a Southern combination that sounds weird, but tastes “amazing,” says EpicureanX, who just tried it for the first time at Boston’s Hen House. While the Chowhound take on the Hen House is mixed, the love for the pairing of chicken and waffles seems universal.

MC Slim JB breaks the Hen House experience down: “Good: nicely-fried chicken, especially the whole-piece option; an awesome logo (I want one of those T-shirts),” he writes. “Bad: wimpy waffles, not tough or crunchy enough for fried chicken (though they’d be fine as breakfast waffles in most contexts); fake maple syrup for the waffles (a bad corner to cut); lack of a savory gravy option (there ought to be a Southern-style country gravy available); terrible Sysco-grade sauces for the chicken (these are best skipped altogether); the cleanliness of the dining area (they don’t wipe the tables down nearly frequently enough, which you have to keep on top of in a counter-service place); the pitifully slow and not especially hospitable service (it’s glacial and surly even when the place is empty).”

EpicureanX was also no fan of the sauces, rating them “either too salty or too bland,” and ChickenBrocandZiti admitted, “The Sysco truck parked out front as I walked in made me nervous.” Hounds love the Hen House’s merchandise though, particularly the logo T-shirts and the panties with “tastes like chicken” emblazoned on the butt.

For a more satisfying chicken and waffles experience, several hounds recommended Lucky’s Lounge, a swinging hipster joint in the Seaport district that seems an unlikely locale for down-home Southern food. Debbiedoesfood called Lucky’s version “beyond good,” with moist, flavorful chicken and a breading that put her in mind of corn flakes. The crispy waffle was served too chilly but was nice when accompanied by the lavender maple syrup, “a great way to calm the spice of the chicken.” Several hounds also recommended the scotch bonnet maple syrup, which tallulah says, “had a good level of heat without overpowering the syrup.”

Hen House [Roxbury]
1033 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

Lucky’s Lounge [Seaport]
355 Congress Street, Boston

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