“Big win on Luca, if you’re a fan of old-style East Coast red-sauce places,” says ernie in berkeley of Luca Cucina Italiana, which took over a former Jamaican restaurant’s space. “A meatball hero—excuse me, panini—($4.50) was hefty and messy enough to evoke nostalgia,” says ernie. Those panini/heroes come on Acme ciabatta, and evacarleton liked the (free-range) chicken parmigiana, caprese, and eggplant parm versions.

“Top gourmet? Not what I had. Good and priced right? You bet,” says lmnopm, who had the meatball sandwich. There are also soups (including a tasty polenta soup: tomato broth with polenta, corn kernels, and a little mozzarella), salads, and pastas.

With “Sinatra in the background, all that was missing was checkered tablecloths and Chianti bottles with candles,” ernie says.

Luca Cucina Italiana [East Bay]
2057 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley
No phone available

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