Eric Felten published an amusing look at fictional cocktails from cartoons, movies, and books this week over at the Wall Street Journal. It’s a good read, and you have to love the fact that Felten has taken the subject of Flanders Planter’s Punch from The Simpsons (“three shots of rum, a jigger of bourbon, and just a little dab-a-roo of crème de cassis for flavor”) seriously enough to analyze it next to the traditional Planter’s Punch recipe:

“A traditional Planters Punch is made of rum, fresh lime juice and sugar syrup. The Ned Flanders version adds bourbon, which is an interesting variation, and then substitutes a sweet fruit liqueur (the crème de cassis) for the sugar syrup, which is a standard strategy for personalizing a classic. But what’s missing from Ned’s concoction is the lime juice necessary to balance the sweetness of the cassis. That, and sensible portions.”

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