“Viennoiserie means literally something made ‘à la Viennoise,’ Vienna-style, since croissants (the typical Viennoiserie) originated in Austria and not in France,” explains bad nono. They’re the “dry” pastries, made from puff pastry or brioche dough, that you might eat for breakfast or as an afternoon snack—but not for dessert.

“Dessert pastries in France tend to be more sophisticated, i.e. filled with mousse, buttercream, ganache, etc.,” says bad nono. “Basically, Viennoiseries are baked items that are simple to eat on the go, don’t necessitate the use of flatware/plates to be eaten, and can be eaten warm or cold.”

They’re pastries made from “the laminated doughs (where cold butter is folded in through a series of ‘turns’): croissant, puff, and Danish,” adds babette feasts, even though there are technically no Danishes in France.

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