Fried chicken two ways is the star attraction at Roppongi, a Korean restaurant in Allston that recently hosted a lunch table of seven hungry hounds.

NoNatto thought the two chicken preparations were the best things on the table: “The nearly greaseless plain version was very good, but the hot and spicy version had us all grinning in delight while reaching for our water glasses and dabbing at our noses,” says NoNatto. galangatron says that the chicken comes in nice, big pieces, and the spicy sauce goes down a treat.

If the chicken doesn’t fill you up, try the spicy calamari salad, which comes on a bed of greens and is wonderfully fresh, according to fredid.

But stay away from the potato salad, served as part of the banchan, or tiny Korean dishes that come out before the meal. NoNatto calls it “incongruous,” and indeed it may look weird on the table next to kimchee and pickled mung bean sprouts, but it’s actually a pretty typical Korean side dish: “That potato salad is actually a Korean thing (via the U.S. Military) though I wish it wasn’t,” says Aromatherapy ruefully.

Roppongi [Allston]
1243 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston

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