“Chiu Chow is a particular kind of Cantonese cuisine that is known for very delicate flavour (which can be a relief if you’re used to Hunan, Yunnan and Sichuan fire, or the unending cumin of Xinjiang),” explains Das Ubergeek. One of the few places you can get Chiu Chow in town is Seafood Village.

The single greatest dish at Seafood Village is the house special fish, says ipsedixit. “Where else can you get a wonderful fish, with great fish broth (ask for extra broth to be added if you want), and one that comes with its own chafing dish and Bunsen burner?”

House special pork knuckle is “very, VERY tender, very well-cut, very well-cooked,” says Das Ubergeek. “This disappeared first from the table.” The knuckle is red-cooked—braised in a flavorful soy-wine liquid that is used repeatedly, deepening in flavor over time. Four treasure vegetable is impressive, says Das Ubergeek, with real, dark green fat choy (hair vegetable), and not the fake, black hair fat choy.

Asparagus with conpoy (dried scallops) is not on the menu, but you can order it anyway. “‘Yau moh loh sawn gohn bui?’ (Cantonese) or ‘You mei you lu sun gan bei?’ (Mandarin) will get you the dish,” explains Das Ubergeek. It’s his favorite dish here.

On every single table is an order of house special crab, fried with crunchy salt/garlic/onion on top. It’s a must-order, says Porthos, because it’s “savory, very fresh and very sweet.” Try throwing some of that topping on your rice, suggests Das Ubergeek. Porthos also says to order the turtle soup with ham, chicken feet, and “worm grass” (a vegetable). In general, says ipsedixit, the best dishes are those posted in pictures on the walls. Just point and order.

Seafood Village is ludicrously cheap. His first night there, Das Ubergeek spent $90 for eight dishes, far too much food for six. This is particularly surprising given the ingredient quality. Conpoy is very expensive, and real fat choy is expensive. “At those prices you can afford the gas from West LA or the SFV or the South Bay or OC to go,” says Das Ubergeek.

Seafood Village [San Gabriel Valley]
9669 Las Tunas Drive, Temple City

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