For the best biryani, don’t order off the menu at Gulzaar Halal Restaurant, advises katya, who declares this place her favorite restaurant in South Bay. Instead, order the biryani-like (and even better) chicken tikka, large chunks of white-meat chicken over spicy rice, with raita on the side. The owner says order it spicy. Listen to the owner.

Housed in a space that formerly held a well-regarded Lebanese restaurant, Gulzaar specializes in a blend of Middle Eastern and Pakistani food, all halal. Like its predecessor, Gulzaar serves manakeesh, which is flatbread baked in a stone oven. There are four varieties, including one topped with the pungent herb-and-spice blend za’atar. Have it with a bowl of lentil soup, topped with a bit of cilantro and fried onion.

Gulzaar is a pretty basic place, with a few small tables and some long communal ones, plastic tablecloths, and plastic utensils. The owner waits tables and is friendly and informative.

Gulzaar Halal Restaurant & Bakery [South Bay]
1880 W. San Carlos Street, San Jose

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